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Sudden Sites offers numerous ecommerce platform solutions and options. Our ecommerce developers have decades of experience in custom web development. The best ecommerce platform to choose depends on a variety of factors that are unique to your brand and business. As a general rule, the higher the price tag for your services and-or products, the higher the cost of web development.


An effective ecommerce web site must cater to, and be developed for, the demographics and characteristics of your target market. The platform must fit the type of ecommerce web site you need today, while allowing for future growth. There are several factors that influence the foundation for effective ecommerce development.



Ecommerce Development Quote


Before quoting on an ecommerce web site, there are some factors that must be considered as they will affect the cost of development.  With our years of development experience we are probably familiar with your industry on the web.  However, every brand and company has unique ecommerce characteristics so we need basic information on some of the factors listed below to provide an accurate quote on the cost of web development:  


The brand, company and services and-or items you are selling must attract and convert potential customers into customers. Web sites selling high ticket items like luxury watches need a more upscale design than a site selling smaller ticket items.  An ecommerce web site must convey the right message that promotes your brand and company with an underlying aura of stability.     


Target market demographics have a major influence on ecommerce web design.  A web site targeting senior citizens needs a different look and feel than a site targeting millennials. Different industries may need certain standard features that are expected by customers searching the web.


What your major competitors are doing online influences the level of quality you must achieve in order to compete on an equal basis on the web. If most of your competitors have sophisticated ecommerce web sites with high quality content, then a poorly designed site will do you more damage than good. Creating a level competitive playing field is a primary goal of web development.


Unique, must have features need to be factored into the web development. If your competitors all have an unusual configurator feature, then you will need the same in order to effectively compete.  


If you have a preferred credit card processor, or bank that will be processing payments then a special interface to their API may need to be added.


Do you need automated shipping features? Our programmers can add shipping features into the back end of your ecommerce site. With Canada Post for example, the shipping process can be automated to print shipping labels, bills of lading, receive tracking numbers and rates can even be integrated into the checkout process.


The factors above are just some of the basic questions that will influence the cost of web development.   



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