Lead Generation


Websites that Generate Leads

Sudden Sites designs, renovates and builds affordable websites for companies that want to increase sales with online lead generation.  Our websites will help you generate and convert online leads into sales and increased revenues.  Sudden Sites has a proven track record of successful lead generation and high sales conversion rate websites.


Renovating existing websites or creating new websites for quality lead generation is a science. In many cases an existing website can be turned into a lead generation machine with the right content and design changes. In other instances converting an existing website may be more expensive than creating a brand new website.   With every company, brand and industry there are unique factors that determine the design and content needed for a successful website.



3 Types of Websites for Effective Lead Generation


Websites that generate sales leads come in 3 flavours:


PPC or Pay-Per-Click Websites primarily focus on generating and converting paid traffic into leads. In some industries companies will use several PPC websites for lead generation.  Online traffic is generated with paid, search engine ads.  While PPC websites create traffic, the main disadvantage is the traffic stops once the advertising budget runs out. Proper landing pages that convert paid traffic into sales leads are critical for successful PPC websites.


Organic Websites rely on search engine optimization for free, organic lead generation. This includes on page and off page optimization. Instead of paying for positioning in the search engine results, optimized websites generate free, or organic traffic. However, the search engines do not like giving away free traffic so they have set stringent standards to rank high in the organic search results.  

Unlike PPC websites, where you can buy positioning in the search results, a much higher skill level is required to create high ranking organic websites


Roughly 60% of people searching for a product or service on a search engine will click on an organic listing over a paid listing. The search engines use hundreds of algorithms to rank web pages and websites. The more relevant they consider a website to be, the higher it will appear in the organic search results. Many of the search engine algorithms are created by AI, or artificial intelligence.


Organic Websites with PPC components are a good way to go for a new company, service or product. Websites with brand new domains take time to produce organic Page 1 search results. Another major factor is the existing competition level for lead generation in the target market. Many companies use paid key term ads to bring in traffic while a new website matures and gains traction in the organic search results. We have customers who used to spend thousands of dollars every month for paid listings that now rely solely on organic leads generated by their websites.   



Our Websites Convert Traffic into Leads


Getting traffic to websites is only part of lead generation. Effective websites need to sell the potential customer into taking action. Lead conversion is a deep topic and every industry has different conversion rates. What works in one industry may not work in another. We have Clients who are getting more than five times the average conversion rate in their industry. There are many reasons to consider Sudden Sites optimized websites.  


Tired of irrelevant, garbage leads? Tired of having a website that is not making you any money? Tired of competitor websites stealing all your traffic and online leads? Give us a call, or schedule a free consultation on lead generation and our websites.