Print Media Packages


Sudden Sites provides a variety of graphic design services and custom print media packages for large, medium and small businesses. We have print and graphic design packages for logo and other printed brand accessories such as business cards, letterhead, envelopes, sales brochures, catalogs and car wraps. Website sales strategies require different combinations of print media.    


Print media reinforces your brand and business. High-quality graphic design with a professional look helps make that first impression a positive one. Print material tells a potential customer what level of quality and service they can expect. Sales tools like brochures reinforce a customer’s confidence and help close the sale. A consistent professional and well-rounded image is maintained with print media.


Graphic Design and Print Packages


In most industries there are printed sales materials, like business cards, that are considered essential and standard. Our graphic designers can provide designs that coordinate with your web site for consistent streamlined appeal. Every company and industry has different sales cycles and processes, so we customize our print packages with the right combination of print media.    


Here are some print material options with our print packages: 


  • Logo design and print

  • Business card design and print

  • Letterhead design and print

  • Envelope design and print

  • Truck and Car wrap design

  • Sales brochure design and print

  • Catalog design and print

  • Postcard design and print

  • Other promotional sales material

If you are starting a brand new business, then there should be a budget for print media. If you are an existing business looking for a new look, our graphic designers can create a design that reflects your vision. Different industries require different print media.


Truck and Car Wraps


Truck and car wraps are a cost effective method for generating web traffic and sales, especially in local geographic markets. Having a truck or car wrapped with your message is like having a mobile billboard. A creative design that attracts attention also generates phone calls and website visitors. The more people who see your wrapped truck or car, the better the odds of attracting a live potential customer who is in the market for your services and-or products. Truck and car wraps are just another form of print media.


Print Media and Physical Contact


Always keep in mind that employees can be an extension of your sales marketing. For example: Neighbors will often approach delivery drivers for more information. When making physical contact with a potential customer, it creates sales when drivers have a business card and some sales literature. There are also other sales promotional items that can be combined with print media.


If you are starting a new business, or searching for a new look, give us a call. You can also request a Quote on our packages for print media.