5 Steps


5 Steps for Web Marketing Success

If you are a new startup, or an established company that needs a profitable presence on the web, these basic 5 steps for web marketing will increase your odds of success. Each step has different components and options depending on the products and-or services you are selling on the web. The strategy for building a dominant presence on the web starts with these 5 steps for web marketing.   


There are also other challenges a startup faces compared to an established company that has had a web site for a few years. It takes time to create a web-based presence for a brand new web site with a brand new domain.  The first step is especially important for effective startup web marketing.    



Step 1 - Web Marketing Research


Web marketing research is the most important step for a startup, which is often ignored. Proper web-based research identifies your target market and which conversion strategies to use based on customer browsing characteristics.  Lack of marketing research is why most web sites never make any money, as the web site is not built to attract and convert potential customers.   


Successful web sites attract and lure potential customers into taking action such as making a phone call, filling in a form, or making an online purchase.  Web marketing research reveals what design, content, navigation and features will trigger your potential customers into making a decision.     



Step 2 - Web Design and Conversion Optimization


Web marketing research reveals the type of web site you need to convert visitors to your site into customers.  Your target market dictates the type of content you need to persuade a potential customer. Your web site is the foundation of your web marketing.


Design optimization is critical for converting traffic into revenue. You can spend all the money you want on online paid marketing, but if you cannot convert the traffic into sales, you will end up losing money on paid advertising.  The ability of your web site to convert visitor into customers will increase your overall returns on web marketing.



Step 3 – Search Engine Optimization


SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a long-term strategy that amplifies your web site in the organic search engine results. Lack of optimization is probably the main reason so many web sites fail. The cost of optimizing a web site is a fraction of the money you will make with a solid foundation for long-term web marketing.


The main point of SEO is to make your web site as search engine friendly as possible for organic marketing. This in turn gets you into the organic search engine results, which are free and your listings are displayed 24/7.  



Step 4 – Social Media Marketing


This step is usually done at the same time as Step 5. There are numerous platforms for social media marketing.  The type of services, products and your target market is the best way to determine which social media platforms will be most effective. For some companies social media is extremely effective, while other companies may get a better return with search engine marketing.


It should be kept in mind that social media marketing requires constant attention. Profiles constantly need to be updated and monitored. However, for some markets social media can produce a high ROI.



Step 5 – Search Engine Marketing


Paid web marketing through the search engines is a fast way to bring in business, especially for a startup. Search engine marketing is usually done simultaneously with social media marketing. You can easily track and analyze your results.   


There are other marketing methods, such as email marketing that can be used to generate traffic ad business. From a web-based standpoint, if you use the 5 steps above, you will dramatically improve your chances of success.  If you have questions about the 5 steps above, or other methods, give us a call, or schedule a free consultation on web marketing.