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Web Design

Sudden Sites is a Vancouver design company  that offers affordable and high traffic to sales conversion web design. We build custom websites that complement and enhance your brand and business with quality content that is optimized to pull in organic traffic. We have decades of experience in SEO, programming and web design.


Web design is a general term that covers a wide spectrum of elements used in web development. We develop and design organic websites according to the demographics of our Client’s target market, while enhancing their brand and prominence. Basically, we give our customers what they want with our custom organic web design.


Web design and development is most successful when it caters to your customer demographics. For example: Web design for websites that target customers in their twenties will be completely different than websites targeting senior citizens. Customer demographics are the foundation for successful web design.   



Organic Web Design


So what exactly is organic web design? Organic web design uses optimization techniques so your website will perform well in the organic search engine results. Potential customers click on organic listings two out of three times compared to one in three with paid search listings. Organic search results are free and displayed 24/7 while paid listings disappear when the budget runs out. Getting high ranking  organic Page 1s in the search results requires organic web design.


Optimized web design increases traffic to sales conversions with smooth navigation and subliminal sales techniques.  Quality content is essential for a brand and business to present their message and presell their product and-or service. Web sites with high sales conversion rates are the objective of organic web design.



Web Design Demographics


The foundation of web design is based on your customer demographics.  For example: The web design of a website that is targeting retail consumers is much different than the design of a website for a commercial B2B business with customers who are purchasing high ticket items. The look and feel of a website must compliment your target market with the right web design.


Competition demographics are another factor in web design. To ensure success, your web design should meet, or exceed, the quality level of design used by your competitors. In addition, every industry has its own quirks and idiosyncrasies in web design.



Need a New Website?


Whether your business is looking for a website for the first time, or you are looking to upgrade your image, you should definitely give Sudden Sites a call. One of our professionals can answer any questions you may have and provide you with an accurate quote. You can also take advantage of our free, no obligation consultation on our optimized web design.