Warning Signs



Warning Signs You Need a New Website


Here you will find 10 Warning Signs that let you know your business needs a new website. Many businesses donít realize an outdated, poorly designed website can do more damage to a business than no website at all.  Many companies know they are falling way behind their competition but choose to ignore the warning signs.


If some of these warning signs sound familiar, then it is a good time to take a look at your online presence. It doesnít matter if your business is selling products, services or a combination of both. The warning signs below are just a few of the indicators you may need a new website.



10 Warning Signs that you need a new website


1. The phones arenít ringing like they used to

A website tells a potential customer a lot about your business and what they can expect from your business. If a potential customer visits an outdated website their first impression is of a business that is behind the times and doesnít take care of details.  Instead of calling, potential customers simply click to other competitor websites and your phone doesnít ring.


2. Face-to-Face deals die

A prime example of this warning sign is when you meet a potential customer at an industry event, trade show or some other function. The conversation goes great and the potential customer is excited. You exchange business cards with the understanding they will call. But you know your website sucks and as you drive home you hope he doesnít pull up your website.


However, potential customers always check out and visit the web address on your business card. Even though things went great with the face-to-face meeting, all of a sudden they donít call and have no interest in taking your calls. The main reason this happens is because first impressions of a poor website kills deals.


3. Iíve lived here for years and have never heard of your business

When you hear comments like this it is a clear warning sign that your business lacks presence on the search engines. When people shop for products and services they search online and shortlist the websites that are the most appealing. If your website is buried in the back pages of the search results your company wonít make their shortlist. The phone book is dead and print advertising is dying. If potential customers canít find you easily online, they will never be your customers.


4. Phone sales calls go sour

Often when a new, potential customer calls, one of the first questions they ask is what is your website address or URL. Knowing your site is substandard to your competition you reluctantly give them your web address. The conversation is positive as your hear them type in your web address. There is a few seconds delay, as they pull up your site. All of a sudden any enthusiasm the customer had evaporates like a deflating balloon. You can feel it as the caller shortens the call and your website has killed yet another sale. Websites are a sales tool that can get you over the goal line or leave you in the bleachers.


5. Thin Credibility

If your products or services depend on advanced technologies, a poor website damages your credibility. A sure sign there is a credibility issue is when potential clients start asking for references and their questions become very specific on minute details. Whatever you are telling them they will compare to your website. The question they really want to ask is: If your product or service is so advanced, why is your website so obsolete? A website should enhance and presell your credibility.


6. I thought I was saving money

Many companies make the mistake of getting a cheap website without any SEO, or optimized design, because they think they are saving money. Even though their main competitors have polished and detailed websites they expect to compete with a cheap website. Once their new, pretty website is launched, it doesnít take long for the company to realize their website isnít making them any money. The vast majority of cheap websites never make a dime, while SEO optimized websites pay big, long-term dividends in sales and increased revenues.


7. Excuses, Excuses and more Excuses

Companies with lousy websites constantly make up excuses to justify why their website is substandard. Excuses for the website become a regular part of their sales process. Sales people are constantly asking management for a competitive website only to be put off by excuses, as they see hot sales prospects go cold. Instead of wasting time making up excuses, get on the same or higher level as your competition with a new, optimized website.


8. Lack of Industry Website Features = No Sale     

A prime example of this warning sign is the wholesale food companies that sell to restaurants. Years ago orders were taken by phone and fax. Now, ordering online is a standard feature in their industry to increase efficiency and convenience for their customers. Today, the ability to order online in this industry is considered a standard, must-have feature. For many customers in the restaurant business not being able to order online is a deal killer. The warning here is if your website doesnít give your customers the features they want, then donít expect your customers to stick around.


9. Competitors are expanding while you are contracting

Odds are your competitors that are expanding rapidly have slick websites and a big presence online. Their websites are the ones that have numerous Page 1s in the search engines. In many industries the companies with professional, optimized websites hog all the quality traffic. Ignore this warning and it wonít be long until all you get is fewer scraps, while your competitors get the gravy.


10. I canít afford a new website

The reason most companies think they canít afford a professionally optimized website is because of declining revenues. However, the main reason revenues are declining is because their website is not giving them any ROI, or Return on Investment. It is a viscous circle, when the reality is if the situation continues, they wonít have the cash flow to afford anything. An optimized website is an investment in a companyís reputation, profitability and economic future.


If some of the 10 recurring warning signs above ring a bell, you should consider Sudden Sites. We build optimized, organic websites that deliver a high ROI.  Sudden Sites websites have a proven track record of making money. Make an investment in your economic future today with a phone call, or schedule your free, no obligation consultation on a redesign or new website.