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SEO Search Engine Optimization

Sudden Sites provides search engine optimization services, or SEO optimization services, for websites targeting local Vancouver, regional and national markets. Increase your website presence, prominence, traffic and positioning in the organic search engine results with our affordable optimization services for website SEO.  


SEO is the art of creating a search engine friendly website. The search engines use hundreds of algorithms to dissect, analyze and rank a website. Algorithms are digital processes that use a set of rules to evaluate properties of individual web pages and entire websites. Every time a rule is broken, the search engine penalizes the web page and-or website. The more penalties accumulated, the less search engine friendly a web page or website becomes. Preventing penalties and following search engine guidelines is critical for effective website SEO.  


SEO optimization is a grey area as the search engine guidelines can be generalized and vague. The search engines do not want developers to know the exact rules their algorithms are using and how they affect SEO. In addition, many algorithms are created by artificial intelligence, or AI. This is why there are so many conflicting articles and opinions, as people try to figure out how different algorithms affect website SEO.



SEO Website Renovations


SEO on existing websites is basically modifying technical, design, content and other elements to make a website more search engine friendly. There are a variety of factors that influence the cost of a renovation, or SEO redesign, on an existing website. Every website is unique and so are the logistics for renovating website SEO.


In some instances the cost of renovating the website SEO is more than the cost of a new website. This can be prevalent with older websites built on an obsolete platform. The overriding factor is what you want to accomplish with your website.



SEO New Websites


There are several SEO advantages when developing a new, fully optimized website. Starting with a clean platform ensures the SEO architecture is a solid foundation for optimized quality content, design and technical SEO.  


Other advantages of a new website include optimized design and navigation that can be fully utilized for higher traffic to sales conversion rates. The design must be a tailor fit for your brand, company and target markets. Quality, handcrafted SEO content can target the right key terms and phrases that will bring in relevant and quality traffic. Quality content presells your services and products while adding prominence to your website SEO.     


SEO and Organic Search Results


There are two basic types of listings in the search engine results, paid and organic. There can be up to four paid listings on the top of each search engine result page and up to three paid listings at the bottom of each results page. Prices are determined by bids and billed on a pay-per-click basis, or PPCs. 


Unlike paid pay-per-click, or PPC listings, organic listings are free and displayed 24/7. There are ten organic listings on every search results page between the paid ads on the top and bottom. With paid listings, once your advertising budget runs out your listings disappear. However, as opposed to paid listings where you buy positioning, high position organic listings require skillful SEO.



SEO Renovate or Go New?


The easiest way to determine if you should renovate or go new is to give us a call.  A Sudden Sites SEO expert can provide you with a cost comparison on renovating your site vs a new website. You can also schedule your free consultation on the costs of website SEO.