Website Return ROI


Return on Website Investment

A Sudden Sites website is an investment in the foundation of sales and internet marketing for your business. Numerous factors can affect the ROI, or return on your website investment. There are simple and complex formulas to calculate ROI. There are also tangible and intangible factors that affect how fast you will recoup the investment in your website.

The logistics of a new startup, with a brand new domain and website, is far different than redesigning and optimizing an existing website that has some backlinks.  A brand new startup and website need to be primed with paid marketing to start the traffic flow. As a rule, it takes longer to recoup the investment in a new startup with a young domain and website.

Perhaps the biggest factor in the return on your website investment, is the products and-or services you are selling. If you are selling high ticket products-services you will probably get a faster return on the investment in your website. We have clients who sell high ticket items that have recouped their investment in the first month.   

Small Businesses

For most small businesses the bottom line is whether their website is generating sales of their products and-or services. Each business and market is unique and requires a creative marketing strategy. The biggest influence on which strategies to use is your competition.  In order to compete you need to have a website that meets or exceeds the standards of your competition. The odds of getting a fast return on your investment increase with the quality of your website.

Many small businesses skip the step of having their website properly optimized. This really affects your long-term costs and reliance on pay per click advertising. A site that is not search engine friendly does not pick up free organic traffic, as there is no residual traction from the paid traffic. A site that is not search engine friendly severely chokes your long-term returns.

The Odds of a Fast Return

The odds of a fast return are improved when your website is built to a high standard and the right marketing strategies are used.  Startups have a higher failure rate than existing business sites. 90% of brand new business web sites fail within the first 4 months. Most of the startup websites we build have a payback cycle of 3 to 6 months after launch, providing the suggested marketing strategy is used.

Redesigns, or renovations, on existing sites usually have a much higher rate of success. With most of the existing small business websites we renovate, or redesign, our clients see a 100%+ increase in sales within the first year after launch. However, every business, brand and market is different, with different rates of return on a website.

Time for a Change?

If you need a brand new website, or have an existing website that isn’t making you money, you should give us a call. You can also schedule a free consultation on increasing your online ROI.