90% of brand new business web sites fail within the first 4 months. One of the biggest mistakes companies make with a brand new website is to ignore the online competition. The quality level of online competition is the best guideline for the size and quality you need for your website to compete.


Another reason for the high failure rate of brand new websites is going too cheap. Itís ok to be thrifty and wise, but going cheap can kill you. Look beyond the price because who cares what you save if the website doesnít make you any money.


Unfortunately, they are NOT.  A common cause of websites failing is companies that take advice from people who have no idea what they are talking about.  Some of the biggest website disasters we have ever seen were because a company followed the wrong advice. Just because Uncle Joe knows his business, does not mean he knows anything about creating websites that actually make money. Always consider the source before acting on any advice.


Ignoring SEO or Search Engine Optimization is not the best way to save money. The price difference between a search engine friendly website and a website without SEO may seem high, but an optimized website site will outperform a website without SEO. The difference can translate into tens of thousands of dollars over time.


When a website is slow to load, the search engines apply a large penalty. Websites that are listed on page 1 search results load quickly. Be wary of cut rate hosting companies that stack numerous websites on their servers, which is why many websites load like a snail and will never get Page1s.


Match your website design, navigation and features to the characteristics of your customer demographics and industry.  For example: If 90% of your target market is males then you donít want a website with a feminine look and feel.


Informative quality content pre-sells and reduces barriers to sale. The more questions your content answers, the better the odds of converting a website visitor into a customer. Quality content lures, informs and guides potential customers into taking an action and becoming customers.



People match what they see with what they hear. If you are selling a high tech service or product, but have an outdated site with an obsolete design, customers will not believe your claim of being high tech. If your website is informative, easy to navigate and works flawlessly then customers assume you provide the same level of service.  The more credibility your website creates, the less hesitation a potential customer will have pulling out their credit card.  


Know what you are buying. If you donít understand something, then ask. At Sudden Sites we encourage questions and provide answers in terms you can understand.