Colour Schemes



Colour Schemes and Graphic Design


Picking a base colour and colour scheme is one of the first decisions you will make starting a new business. If you have an existing website and plan to renovate, or build new, it is the right time to change your colour scheme to create a fresh new look.  Colours influence graphic design and the image your brand, logo and website projects.  The first thing a graphic designer needs to know is your main colour or preferred colour scheme.


Our graphic designers use several colour software programs. In order to get the right look and feel, designers at a minimum, need to know your preferred base colour. Every base colour has numerous shades and complimentary colours so the best way to get your exact colours is to give us your colour RGB numbers. There is a great tool that is free for finding RGB numbers, colours and complimentary colours.  Picking the exact colours you want is easy with the Adobe RGB Color Wheel.


Colour schemes are a matter of personal choice, but certain colours may be more common in different industries.  The colours of your logo and web design should evoke a positive feeling with potential customers. 



The Influence of Colours


The customer age and gender demographics you are targeting can be influenced positively with the right colour scheme. Colours have a subconscious effect on potential customers.  Here are some of the different ways colours can have a positive influence in a web site colour scheme:


Red  projects energy, passion, power and a call to action. Red is frequently used in the restaurant and food industries. Red can also be an accent colour to draw the customer’s attention to a brand logo, or a special offer, encouraging them to buy now. Some industries, like financial services, shy away from using red which has a negative connotation in their industry, as in "running in the red”.


Pink is used by companies to accent a feminine type website. Pink conveys sensitivity, romance, tenderness and femininity. Companies with female demographics use pink to message potential customers that their products and services are for women.


Yellow projects  hope, happiness and positivity, or caution. Web sites in the construction, fire prevention and safety industries often use colour combinations with yellow and black. One thing to keep in mind with yellow is that some shades are hard to work with and display differently on different computer monitors.  Yellow can also be used as a heavy accent colour to emphasize a special feature or offer.   


Green emits emotions of growth, renewal , rebirth and a signal to go.  Green is the colour of nature, grass, plants and trees.  Medical related industries often use green to project an image of healing and being nature friendly.     


Blue projects serenity, intelligence, responsibility, stability, trust and power.  Blue is used more than any other colour in brand logos. Websites in industries such as banking, financial services, real estate and insurance often use blue-based colour schemes.


Purple draws out feelings of luxury, mystery, loyalty, quality and inner peace.  Companies selling high ticket items use purple to project an image of luxury and exclusivity.


Orange  is used to emphasize creativity, enthusiasm, vibrancy and high energy. Like red, orange is used as an accent colour to catch a customer’s attention and prompt an action.


Brown  is an earthy colour that implies wholesomeness, honesty, stability, dependability, warmth and old fashioned quality. Brown is often combined with green colours for an organic and healthy image.  


Black can add a level of elegance, sophistication, power, prestige and exclusivity.  Black is a versatile colour that can be easily combined, or contrasted, with other colours. It can also be used in a website to emphasize selling points and offers.


Grey adds formality, dependability and a subdued, serious  professionalism.  Conservative companies will use grey to convey the image of stability and dependability.  Grey is primarily used as an accent colour.


White  is primarily used as a website background colour to project a pure, simple, clean and modern image that contrasts with other colours. A white background is especially eye appealing with a minimalist design.



Colours Scheme Questions?



A colour scheme can make or break a brand. Colour schemes are the visual foundation that helps deliver your message and prompt potential customers to make a decision. If you have questions about colour schemes give us a call. You can also schedule a free consultation on your website colour scheme.