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Content Writing and Organic SEO

Sudden Sites content writing, optimized for organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the best business decisions you will ever make. Our content writing and SEO services will increase organic traffic to your website and target the ideal customers you want. Our optimized content also delivers higher traffic to sales conversion results. Free organic traffic and sales results you can put in the bank, are the main reasons why many businesses rely on Sudden Sites optimized content writing.


Processional content writing must have a dual purpose for a website to successfully attract and convert website users into customers. Optimizing content to convert users into customers is as important as getting traffic in the paid and organic SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages).  Unfortunately, many large, medium and small business website owners only focus on design and ignore how their website will perform in the paid or organic SERPS. There are two basic advantages, or reasons, to consider content writing.



Content that Creates Sales


An eye appealing website needs content that is written to sell, or convert, potential customers into buying your products and-or services. Professional content writing informs and sells your products or services, while luring users into taking action (purchase, phone call, submits a form, etc.). Writing sales copy, or content that converts into sales is an art, which is why it pays to use a professional website content writer.


The key to effective content writing that converts is simply answering the main question a potential customer has when they are going through your site: "What can your product or service do for me?”

Content written to answer this question is the key to persuasive content writing.



Content that Creates Organic Page Ones


There are basically two ways of generating traffic from the search engines. Organic search engine listings are free and displayed 24/7. PPC (Pay per Click), or paid listings, are only displayed as long as you are paying.  Sometimes the best solution is to use a combination of paid and organic traffic. Either way, positioning for PPC and organic methods can be improved with optimized content writing.


When you search a key term or phrase in the search engines, the first search results page displays three types of listings. In highly competitive markets there will be four paid listing at the top of the page and three paid listing on the bottom. In between there are ten organic listings. The third type of results listed is map boxes, dictionary boxes and feature boxes. The positioning in the organic listings and boxes is determined by numerous algorithms, which determine relevancy based on your website and page content.    


Organic content writing is one of the hardest skills to master in the world of SEO. Not only must website content sell, but it should rank high in the organic search engine results. There are numerous tools and methods a content writer can use to ensure your website gets organic page ones. In highly competitive markets it takes professional content writing.



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