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There are a lot of variables that affect the cost of a website redesign. In most instances, Sudden Sites renovation services can redesign, or renovate, your website to convert more traffic and increase sales and revenues. There can be numerous reasons why a website is not generating leads and sales. Every website is different when it comes to the costs of redesigning and-or renovating a website.


In some cases the design of an existing website may be okay, but there are factors "under the hood”, or beneath the design, that can negatively affect the performance of your website. There is the competition factor, where your competitor’s websites may simply outclass your website. First impressions are everything and there are always  warning signs you need a new website.



Website Performance Issues


There can be numerous reasons why your website is not making you money.  Search engines use hundreds of algorithms when ranking a web page and entire website.  They use a penalty system and every time you break their guidelines a penalty is assessed.   Rack up too many search engine penalties and it can kill the traffic and prominence of your website.


Here are the four major reasons for an anemic performing website:


Lack of Quality Website Content is a major cause of poor performance, especially converting traffic into sales. Search engines constantly emphasize their desire for informative, quality content. Websites with low quality content usually have high bounce rates, which in turn signals the search engines that a website does not hold a potential customer’s attention.  


Some websites use the same content as their print material. Print content and web page content are based on different concepts and parameters.  Web content is analyzed by search engine algorithms.


An Outdated Website Platform can decimate your rankings in the search engines. Many template type websites are obsolete and the template builder went out of business ages ago. This means that the website cannot be updated, which in turn leaves security holes. What was acceptable a few years ago can result in multiple penalties today.


Your Competitors are Crushing You. Search engines compare websites within different categories. If your competitors have websites with dozens of pages of informative content, don’t be surprised if your 5 or 10 page website is comatose in the page 1 search results. In order for you and your website to compete, the playing field has to be levelled as much as possible. Competitors with informative content and creative features dominate in the search engine results and are taking your business.


No SEO.  Unfortunately, many websites were originally built without any thought or knowledge of SEO, or Search Engine Optimization.  Besides numerous design and technical errors, these types of sites are usually slow to load, which can really kill rankings. Websites that dominate in the organic search results are search engine friendly.


SEO basically helps the search engines find you, your brand, services and-or products.  A search engine friendly website gives the search engines what they want to better dissect, analyze and rank your web pages and website.



Redesign or New?


In many instances an existing site can be redesigned, or renovated, to bring in and convert more business. However, in other cases the cost of repairing an existing site is more than going new. The best way to find out whether to redesign or go new, is to give us a call, or request a Quote on a renovated or redesigned website.