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Application Development

Sudden Sites is a Vancouver web development company that provides; web application programming for website features and functions that require custom programming. We develop custom web applications, whenever required, for the websites we build. We also contract for Clients that want website functions or features that require custom development programming skills that may not be available from their web designer or agency. Our programmers have decades of experience in custom application development.


Our programmers specialize in the following types of application development:


  • Custom Coding

  • PHP Programming

  • Core PHP with Object Oriented Programming

  • AJAX Programming

  • Database Programming

  • Data Conversions

  • Android Applications 

  • IOS Applications


Development Programming


There are many ways to improve online sales conversions, revenues and customer loyalty with the right application development.  Complex features can be added to an existing or new web site that simplifies the sales process for a customer.  Interactivity and real-time updates of data on a web page can be programmed, without requiring a page refresh.  Simplifying the sales process and reducing barriers to sale is the main benefit of custom web programming and development.


Sudden Sites also provides development consultation.  We can evaluate your existing coding infrastructure, and make recommendations on how to improve it, or you can commission us to actually perform the updates. There may be new methods available that can dramatically cut the cost of your project.  An experienced programmer with real life business experience can bring a new perspective to your project from the viewpoint of cost effective development.



PHP Application Development


PHP has become the working language of the web. Development is fast, agile and fully integrates with most modern databases. If your website needs some advanced capabilities, using custom PHP programming can add those capabilities quickly and securely. PHP programming is one of the most cost effective ways to develop.


Core PHP with OOP (Object Oriented Programming) permits the use of the same functions throughout your programs, making changes to your functions instantly available to all of your programs. Adding new functionality to your code is quick and easy for keeping your programs up-to-date and implementing new technology as it becomes available. For larger projects, using OOP improves design, maintenance, scalability and the speed of development.



Development Programming Costs


The cost of programming or development varies according to each project. The cost of custom programming can go from a few hundred dollars to thousands.  The cost of programming a feature for an existing website can be affected by the type of platform the website is using. There are many variables when it comes to application development.


The best way to get an estimate is to give us a call, or request a free Quote on Application Development.